Anyone who could possibly want to have a say or a role within this project is invited to do so.
A live community design studio will be open on Main Street for the duration of the winter, where anyone can review the plan, add their voice or sign on board. All of the same forms, jobs, and inquiries are available to submit online, here, in order to formulate a final community-generated design.
Clearly Organized
It will take a lot of people working together to fill this much space with this many plants! However, with a clearly defined structure and an organized procedure, this process can not only be easy, but a lot of fun. The trail will be divided into eight sections to be planted by eight teams. Each team is guided by a Greentek leader to fulfill their portion of the final, community-based design. Clear planting guides, material reservoirs and plant stations on site help streamline the process. "From discipline comes freedom," and with this structure, our installation can fly to include artists, music, dance and food. Let's turn the restoration of our land into marvelous healing events. Long-Term Success
The planting will be designed and installed following best-practice perennial procedures. Drawing on the success of 'food forests' and other holistic models, the Fruit Trail will be planted in a manner that requires less and less effort while becoming more and more productive as time goes on. Every plant supports the health of every other species. Groundcovers suppress unwanted plants, flowers attract pollinators while confusing pests, and other species generate fertility so that the fruit trees can grow on and on and on without anyone needing to be there to tend them. We can create functional ecosystems, like a forest, that take care of themselves... and in which every plant is directly useful to humans!
A Gift for the Future. This project will benefit generations of people, plants and animals for decades to come. Our trees will quickly reach maturity, bearing fruit and nuts for people to collect every season. We are setting the foundation for a culture of restoration, in which local production is the norm, and in which the health of our environment grows interchangeably with the health of our community. How many other towns will catch on? How many visitors to this park will choose to grow fruit in their own yards? How many populations of butterfly, bee and bird will be boosted by our trail? How many kids who sample berries after school will choose a path that is rooted in nature? How many students will take up gardening? How many more food forests, and how many healthy choices will be born out of this project? Let's find out! It's time to work as one for the healing of our planet!

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The Newtown Fruit Trail is a one-mile, paved walking loop in the heart of Newtown, CT, lined with edible fruit, nut and berry plants, bringing productivity to landscape, providing for the health of the land and the people as one.
Can we improve the Earth? Yes, we can!
Does it need to be hard? In fact, it can be fun! Perfectly Positioned:
The fruit trail is less than 100 meters away from REED Intermediate School, and less than a Mile from both the Middle School and High School. Newtown Students will enjoy the trail throughout their entire career as they grow through the school system. The first trees that we plant will reach maturity the same year that former Sandy Hook students will enter REED, across the road.  The fruit trail is a project to bring edible, healing plants back into the landscape for all to share.

A view of the REED school, with trail in the foreground.



perennial procedures.

Our planning process:

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